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World Chocolate Day is also known as International Chocolate Day, observed on July 7th annually. This year the day will
be celebrated, on Thursday and, as the name suggests, this is one day to express your love with chocolates. People of all
age groups can observe this day with great enthusiasm. Today we have total of 40 participants taking part in the webinar.
On this World Chocolate Day, the Department of Hotel Management of NIMIT conducted a seminar and workshop on
chocolate decoration, Mr. Lijo Joseph Chocolatier was the guest of the day. The program started at 9:30 am with the Payer
song Followed by a welcome address by Chef Prabhakaran K.G. The dignitaries on the Dias were Mr. Robert Fernandez
Vice-Principal Campus Management and Guest of the day Mr. Lijo Jospeh. Opening remarks and an introduction of the
program were given by Mr. Robert Fernandez Vice-Principal Campus Management. He highlighted Chocolate not only
tastes good but is healthy and could prove wonders for your overall heart health. It has the power to uplift your mood
anytime, anywhere. Chocolate works as a soothing therapy for your sore throat sharpens your memory and protects your
brain from aging. So, make your bond sweeter and stronger like chocolate by gifting a basket of delicious chocolates to
your loved ones. Then Mr. Lijo Joseph Explained the different types of chocolate, and the process of making chocolate.
Finally, Lijo Jospeh interacted with the students and Participants. The program wrapped up around 11:00 am. The vote of
thanks which was given by Mr. Rahul T Class In-charge and then the students moved to the kitchen for the workshop
session where they made different types of chocolate decorations and the carving demonstration was done by Lijo Joseph.

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