The composition of the IQAC is as follows:


Rev. Fr. Dr. Paulachan K.J. (Principal)

Coordinator of the IQAC:

Dr. Joy Joseph Puthussery (Dean of studies)

NAAC Coordinator

Ms. Bini Rani Jose (Asst. Professor)

Teaching faculty:

    1. Dr. Mathew Jose K.(HoD, Department of Commerce)
    2. Mr. Jayakrishnan S.,HoD, Department of Computer Science
    3. Mr. Robert Fernandez,HoD, Department of Hotel Management
    4. Ms. Grace K. Benny, HoD, Department of Languages
    5. Mr. Shaju P.M., HoD, Department of IT
    6. Ms. Dhanya C.N., Librarian
    7. Ms. Maria Antony, NAAC Documenter
    8. Mr. Towin Mathai, IT Support
    9. Ms. Sarithadevi S., Asst. Professor
    10. Ms. Binju Saju, Asst. Professor
    11. Ms. Noble Devassy, Asst. Professor
    12. Mr. J. Sebastian Poonoly, Asst. Professor
    13. Ms. Shajitha T.B., Asso. Professor
    14. Ms. Sonia Thomas, Asst. Professor
    15. Ms. Anitha Mary Alex, Asso. Professor

Administrative Officers:

    1. Mr. Poulose C.V., Superintendent
    2. Mr. Jimmy Joseph, Finance Manager.
    3. Mr. P.V. Mathachan, HR Manager

Members from Management:

    1. Rev.Fr. Varghese Assin, Asst. Exe. Director
    2. Rev. Fr. Dr. Varghese Pulickal, Campus Minister
    3. Ms. Emily Ittiachan, Vice Principal
    4. Dr. Sabu Varghese, Director IT/Training Development
    5. Ms. Teresa Parackal, Academic Coordinator
    6. Dr. Jalendran E.S., P.G Coordinator
    7. Ms. Bindu G. Coordinator Finance Programme

Member from Local Body: Ms. Kumari Balan
Member from Student Community: Mr. Amal Antony
Member from Alumni: Mr. Mestin P.C.

External Experts:

    1. Rev. Fr. Saje Peter Kannamparamban, Former Principal, NIMIT
    2. Dr. Jacob P.M., Director, Naipunnya Business School
    3. Dr. Manzur Ali, IQAC Coordinator, MES College, Marampally
    4. Mr. Joshy Joseph, Professor, IIM
    5. Nominees Employers/ Industrialistsi. Mr. M P Joseph, Former District Collector
    6. Dr. Jancy James, Former Vice Chancellor, M G University

PTA: Mr. M A Firozkhan


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