BSc Computer Science is a 3-year full-time undergraduate program divided into six semesters. The programme includes relevant courses that prepare students to build a career in the field of information technology and its allied fields.

Course Highlights

Apart from the curriculum prescribed by the university, the programme includes sessions on soft skill training, aptitude training, and practice, workshops, seminars, and add on courses that enable students to build a solid foundation for their career or foresight to choose the right option for their higher studies.

BSc Computer Science Eligibility : Eligibility

Candidates who have passed (Eligible for Higher Studies) the HSE of the Kerala State Board of Higher Secondary Examination or any other examination recognized as equivalent thereto with Mathematics/ Computer Science/Computer Application/ Information Technology/Informatics Practice/Informatics/ Additional Mathematics are eligible for admission.

BSc Computer Science Eligibility : Syllabus and Course Description

Semester ISemester II
A01- Communication Skills in EnglishA03 – Reading Literature in English
A02 – Critical Reasoning, Writing and PresentationA04 – Reading on IndianConstitution Secularism and Sustainable Environment
A07 – Communication Skill in Languages other than EnglishA08 – Literature in Languages otherthan English
BCS1B01- Computer Fundamentals and HTMLBCS2B02 – Problem Solving using C
C01-Complementary Mathematics IBCS2B03 – Programming LaboratoryI Lab Exam of Ist and 2nd Sem.HTML and Programming in C
C01 Optional Complementary I TotalComplementary Mathematics II
Optional Complementary II
Semester IIISemester IV
A11 – Python ProgrammingA13 –Data Communication and Optical Fibers
A12 Sensors and TransducersA14 -Microprocessors-Architecture and Programming
BCS3B04 – Data Structuresusing CBCS4B05-Database Management System and RDBMS
ComplementaryMathematics IIIBCS4B06 – Programming Laboratory II: Data Structures and RDBMS
OptionalComplementary III – Electronics ComplementaryMathematics IV
Optional Complementary IV Electronics
Semester VSemester VI
BCS5B07 – Computer Organization and ArchitectureBCS6B11 – Android Programming
BCS5B08 – Java ProgrammingBCS6B12 – Fundamentals of Operating Systems
BCS5B9 -Web Programming Using PHPBCS6B13 – Computer Networks
BCS5B10 – Principles of SoftwareEngineeringIII: Java & PHP Programming
XXX5DXX – Open CourseIV: Android & Linux shell Programming
Project WorkBCS6B16 – Elective Course
BCS6B17 – Project Work/Industrial Visit


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