Vision & Mission

The first global choice for affordable, skill-based, and holistic education that transforms societies.

We turn individuals to socially sensitive leaders by upskilling, experiential learning, student-centric approach, and research & innovation. We provide a global learning environment at competitive costs.

  • To provide quality education at an affordable rate.
  •  To foster holistic formation of students.
  •  To promote research and innovation.
  •  To create a sustainable and green campus.
  •  To create a supportive learning environment
To Reach The Unreachable.
NIMIT’s scope is unlimited. In an ever-expanding world of knowledge, professionalism demands constant improvement in quality and competence. NIMIT tries to expand its horizon maintaining exemplary standards in higher education.
  • Personal and professional integrity
  • Commitment to mission
  • Determination for excellence
  • Socially responsive
  • Clean and Green campus
  • Happy community
  • Holistic formation
  • People-centric approach
  • Learning environment
The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) awarded our institute with ‘Grade B++’ in 2019 after a thorough assessment on various parameters defined by the Accreditation Council.
The institute was granted ISO 9001-2015 certification in the year 2004. Our quality policy is to achieve and sustain exemplary standards in educational services by improving the chances of success of students. This is reached by

  • Pre-determined and structured coaching system.
  • Competitive and committed teachers.
  • Effective teaching and evaluation methodologies

Naipunnya constantly strives to update the quality system as a continual process to maximise customer satisfaction.