General rules & regulations for students

The students must, both within and outside the campus, conduct themselves in a manner that will uphold and enhance the values and culture of the
college. Courtesy is an essential quality of professionals. It is, therefore, imperative that the students possess a pleasant disposition and should be
courteous with staff, guests and friends


  • When a student meets a teacher of the college with the Campus or outside, it is a matter of politeness that he/she should greet him/her. They should always be respectful to seniors and superiors, polite and courteous to all, ready to oblige and should show themselves as lovers of good order and decorum
  • When a teacher enters the class, the students must keep standing until the teacher has invited them to sit down or he/she himself/herself has occupied his/her seat
  • Students should keep with them the texts and note book required for classes they attend.
  • No student shall leave the classroom during a lecture without the permission of the teacher.

  • Habitual negligence in college work, dishonesty, obscenity in word or act or any other acts of misconduct will invite severe disciplinary action.

  • Students are expected to keep decency and decorum in their behavior, dress, hairstyle, etc.

  • No student shall enter another classroom without prior permission.

  • No student is allowed to remain on the campus after 5.30 pm unless authorized.

  • Grievance of students are to be presented through proper channel for redressal.

Prohibition on Political Activity inside the Campus

  • No student of the college shall get involved in any political activity by himself or abet the said activity to be carried on by fellow students inside the campus in any manner whatsoever and any such activity is banned inside the campus.
  • Taking part in any political activity by organizing students or to cause gatherings inside the college campus for the purpose of doing any activities shall constitute serious indiscipline. Every member of such a gathering shall be individually liable and responsible for the gross indiscipline in this regard and the Principal shall have the power to take disciplinary action against students who indulge in the aforesaid activities.
  • It shall constitute gross indiscipline go call for an appeal to strike based on policies and ideologies that may be preached by the political parties or their sister organizations or students wings. The participants in the strike as aforesaid shall be dealt with by the disciplinary authority and they shall be imposed with appropriate punishment as provided in these rules.
  • No student shall stage or indulge in any activity like Dharna, Gherao, obstructing entry to and from any classroom, office, hall, or other places inside the campus/college gate and such activities shall be treated as misconduct.

  • No student shall shout slogans inside the class rooms, office, or any other place inside the campus and obstruct and interfere or to cause disturbance and nuisance to the ordinary functioning of the institution. These activities shall be treated as misconduct.


The Principal is the disciplinary authority of the college. In the interest of the institution and for the sake of any punitive action on any student for his/her misconduct.

Acts, Conduct and commissions which amount to misconduct

  • Staying away from classes without sufficient reason

  • Disrespectful behavior towards the staff, non-compliance with college rules.

  • Provoking students to strike and participating in strike, dharna, etc in the college.

  • Loitering in the verandas during free hours and creating disturbance to the classes in progress

  • Disorderly behavior in the class, unruly behavior, loud and aggressive talk

  • Organizing tours without the permission of the Principal.

  • Organizing meetings in the college or displaying notices on the college notice board without the permission of the Principal.

  • Involvement in violence, manhandling or harassing fellow students

  • Disturbing the functions in the auditorium by shouting, howling, or dancing.

  • Resorting to any kind of malpractice in the examinations.

  • Collecting money from staff or students without permission

  • Distributing leaflets, hand-bills or other materials and displaying banners and posters inside the campus.

  • Scribbling offensive, abusive or obscene words or figures on black boards or any kind of writing on the walls or other places in the college or the college campus.

  • Lack of attention and indifference towards any subject, lack of courtesy towards any staff member or outsider which affects the discipline of the college will be viewed seriously.

  • Non-wearing of Identity cards.

  • Indulgence in any act of violence will be considered a breach of discipline.

  • Ragging is criminal offence vide Govt Order No.1157/12/86 (H) Edn Dept. Ragging of any sort is banned in NIMIT, and any violation of this results in appropriate punishment.

  • Vandalism and destruction of college property will be severely dealt with and appropriate material loss will be charged from the student concerned.

  • Students are not allowed to use mobile phone, cameras and personal gadgets of any in the campus vide Govt Order No.Rt/No 346/05/Higher Edn dt.01/3/2005. However, students shall be allowed to deposit the gadgets at the reception for special purposes. with permission of Principal

  • The students should neither indulge in smoking nor consumption of Tobacco/narcotic drugs inside college campus.

  • Student shall not invite Police or Media persons to the campus on their own.

  • Non-compliance with college rules will be dealt with appropriate disciplinary action.

  • Photography/video/audio recording and playing inside the campus is strictly prohibited.

  • No student shall leave the campus during working hours without permission.


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