College Prayer

Our Heavenly Father,
We, Naipunnya Family, / bow before you Almighty POWER / that fashioned all the lovely things of this world;/ the benevolent LOVE /that sustains all / and the eternal TRUTH/ that illumines our minds.As we commence a new day, / we humbly ask you to support / all of our efforts / to better ourselves / and become / ardent seekers and servants of truth. / May all our endeavours / to gather knowledge and skills/ inspire us to explore / the miracle of Nature / and the mystery of your infinite wisdom.We commit ourselves / and our benefactors/ to your tender care. / Help us to be pure in thoughts, / kind in words, /and generous in our deeds. /Shield us under your protective wings / and help us to be optimistic / in the midst of darkness.Help us discover our talents, / step outside our comfort zones, /and embrace growth opportunities. / May we be ever vigilant / in sifting truth from lies, /upholding human dignity and liberty.May each day of our life / be a hymn to your glory, / a blessing to our community, / and a prayer for peace, / happiness, and prosperity /of our Motherland.