Student Diversity

Assessment of the learning levels of freshly admitted students is an integral part of the post-admission process of the college. Though admissions are based on merit, the college carries out separate assessments to understand the larger spectrum of their learning levels based on the guidelines specified in Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence. The students are given a pre-assessment orientation to explain the need for assessment and its impact on their growth at Naipunnya Institute of Management and Information Technology. Nidarsana, the initiation ceremony of the freshers, and an orientation programme called freshers’ connect are also organized in the college. The categorization of the students is based on the qualifying marks of plus two and UG programme. Based on the assessment, the slow learners are administered different pedagogical solutions to bridge the gap. Several tests are also conducted during the post admission period and when needed, to assess the aptitude and comprehension levels of the students. The slow learners and advanced learners are identified based on their class performance, internal exam marks, ability test and lab performance.

Advanced Learners

● Walk with scholars is a programme based on enhancing the capabilities of brilliant students.

● The students are encouraged to participate and present papers in National and International Conferences

● They are motivated to publish research articles in research journals.

● The students are encouraged to participate in fests and competitions.

● Encouraged to take up research projects and publish dissertations

● Motivated by achievement-linked incentives and awards

● Leading Hands Programme is also organized for such students

● Naipunnya IT Apprenticeship promotes the concept of earn while learn and helps the students

● Best project award is also given to selected students after scrutinizing their project works

Slow Learners

● Remedial programmes are conducted and are closely monitored by the departments to ensure quality and productivity of the programme

● Tutoring system helps to identify and provide individualized care to the slow learners

● Special attention is given in class and lab

● Retests are conducted for the students

● Mentoring activities are carried out for them

● Bridge course offered by the Department of Commerce, Computer Science , HM and languages.

● Parents constantly kept-in-loop about progress

● They are directed to use E-resources in INFLIBNET and other E-platforms.