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The New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is a comprehensive framework aimed at transforming the education system in India. This policy provides for a comprehensive, sustainable and reformative roadmap for a paradigm shift in the entire education system in the country. It addresses the existing gaps and challenges and promotes the holistic development of students.

The main objective of conducting a one-day seminar on NEP is to create awareness among educators and academicians about the key changes and provisions of NEP 2020. It serves as a platform for participants to exchange ideas and discuss innovative approaches and challenges in implementing the NEP in their respective institutions.


The seminar aims to achieve the following concise objectives:

1. Foster understanding of effective approaches for NEP-compliant UG programs.

2.Analyse NEP’s implications on educational institutions and stakeholders

3.Understanding the challenges and opportunities for HEIs in the implementation of NEP.


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