Department of English : National and State-Level Conferences

  • Remapping Modern Media: Changing Concepts in the Current Global Scenario (2015-2016), Chaired by Ms. Rebecca Thomas.
  • Dynamics Of English Speech (2016-2017), Chaired by Dr. P M S Kutty.
  • New Media Rhetoric: Visual Culture and Gender Representation (2018-2019), Chaired by Ms. Shruthi Namboodiri and Ms. Archana Padmini (Film Makers).
  • Pedagogy and Faculty Enrichment within Academia ( 2019-2020), Chaired by Dr. C.G Shyamala.
  • The Rootstock of Influence: Peeling the Eternal Literary Onion (2020-2021), Chaired by Prof. Debbie Smith, England.
  • National Conference on “Regional Modernities: Epistemological Interventions vis-à-vis Cultural Praxes” (2022-23) chaired by Ms Merin Simi Raj IIT Madras.


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