Department of English : Best Practices

The department of English maintains bookshelves and libraries at various hospitals and care wards for the benefit and leisure of patients. Every year, the department selects one faculty member to collate the resources needed to continue this practice. The members of the staff and students donate books, old and new, to curate this library. The department also maintains a strong connection with the institutions that we partner with in maintaining these libraries.

The department of English at Naipunnya has always been committed to service to the community around campus. Even the very inception of the department began with a mutually beneficial relationship that NIMIT set up with the people in pongam, offering vocational spoken English classes and communicative skills. The department continues this practice through outbound programs that we set up yearly with organizations like Kudumbasree, workers, and skilled employees in pongam and Koratty grama panchayat. All faculty members participate in this program and offer free classes or sessions as per the needs of the partnering organizations.


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