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As part of inculcating financial awareness among our students, the Department of Commerce at Naipunnua Institute of Management and Technology, Pongam is conducting a one-hour session for B.Com. finance students on Friday, 15th July 2022. The session is going to be presented by Mr. Subhash S, Chartered accountant and head of finance at KSB MIL controls limited, who has an exemplary record of more than twenty years in the field of finance and accountancy. Mr. Subhash will take us through an informative talk on the topic ‘Finance a catalyst for growth’. The session would venue at the Seminar Hall, Main Block by 1.30 pm.
The objective of the session is to provide guidance for our current students on how to earn money and effectively manage and invest wealth. From previous experience with students, the department has concluded that students need sensitization on how to manage money when they begin to earn to secure their future. It is important for students to invest as well as develop secure saving plans in regards to money and calculate their expenditure on a monthly basis. This will be the first event during this academic year undertaken by the department as a part of industry interaction We are hoping that this session will give students an idea of how to properly manage their finances.

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