The main objectives of this initiative are: Provide an opportunity to selected aspiring students to develop their skills, knowledge, and experience needed to start a career in their desired field Help the students earn income while they continue their learning in the Institution. Give the students an exposure to the organizational culture, where they will learn time management, professionalism, and innovation.

  • Department of Computer Science – Department of Computer Science partnered with Star Innovations Pvt Ltd to provide software development/ testing/ content development/ data notation jobs to students as a part of the ‘earn while you learn’ program. Similarly, part-time data annotation jobs are provided for students by star innovations. Students will be working on annotating labels (Bounding boxes, Semantic representation, Points, and Objects) for projects based on autonomous vehicles, Phone damage detection, clinical data etc. The department ensures free training for students before commencement of any assigned work. Students are responsible for completing the work in a given time frame and adequate mentoring and assistance is given by faculty members. This initiative gives our students a warm and guided entry into the job market.

  • Department of Languages – The department has maintained an online tuition service where students from BA and MA who are interested in tutoring school students. The online tutoring service focuses mainly on improving language skills of school going students as well as assisting with language courses. This initiative is vital in preparing our students with the adequate training skills required to maintain a classroom audience. Students from the department become accustomed to lesson planning, preparation and presentation of various topics through the engagement they have with school students. Bhodhana is also an initiative wherein the advanced students initiate peer teaching for the weakers in the class.

  • Department of Commerce – The Nimitian Harvest or Friday Market is a platform for the students to engage in real time selling of products to the society at large. The initiative provides a space and platform for students to get an opportunity to offer their home grown organic fruits, vegetables and plant saplings. The Nimitian Harvest hold stalls where the produce is bought and sold to fellow students, faculty members and residents. The students will experience the market situations along with theoretical knowledge and it will help them develop their knowledge on commerce and trade.

  • Department of Hotel Management – Garner sa Vie is one of the prestigious programs of the Department of Hotel Management. Through Garner sa Vie, students of the department opt for part-time jobs to gain knowledge and experience along with financial benefits. The department trains students in all the core hospitality skills to enhance work while you learn. Working in the industry while pursuing their degree will teach the student how to manage their precious time for study, work and refreshment and make them know the importance of money. Above all, students who earn while they learn can support their parents as well as, become independent on meeting their own expenses.

  • Department of Training and Development – A perfect platform for students who are creative and want to turn their vivid skills into a source of income. At this spot, students can earn by selling their self-made innovative products -Cakes, chocolates, portraits, bottle art, candles, paper bags, and ornamental fish.

  • Department of Information Technology – The department runs the NITA Programme (Naipunnya IT Apprenticeship Programme) under the ‘Earn while You Learn’ scheme, which offers apprenticeship to selected students of the Department of Computer Science. The initiative allows students to work as IT apprentices for the institution with an income. The students are given hands-on training in software development, website development, hardware and networking services, internet tools and photo and video editing with a stipend. Similarly, the department also allows students to earn by taking up online Exam invigilation duties. Final year students are given chances to be invigilators of various online exams conducted by agencies like NTA, NSEIT, TCS etc… with remuneration.

Sl. No.ParticularsLink
1Inauguration of Earn and LearnEarn While Learn 2021
2IT Apprenticeship ProgrammeNaipunnya IT Apprenticeship Programme – Phase II
3Friday MarketFriday Market 2021
4BodhanaBodhana 2021