Privilage Card Details

As a member of the Naipunnya Alumni Family, each one is entitled to a variety of special privileges! A wide array of exclusive rights, privileges and opportunities await the alumni both on and off campus.

  • Staying connected with your Alma mater.
  • Alumni associations offer networking facilities connecting fresh graduates with established professionals, and help them pursue career changes.
  • Alumni associations can help organise online career fairs and host virtual networking events with hands-on training for job aspirants.
  • Participation in Alumni Events:
  • Alumni lectures – Social event

    • Being a reviewer of various academic committees as an external expert.
    • Opportunities for volunteer services
    • Getting back to communities and helping present / future students in funding scholarships and projects.
  • Subsidies and Financial Assistance at College:

    • Support to procure admission in school/college under the same group of institutions for immediate kith and kin.
    • Course fee Subsidy
  • Subsidised rates on availing the Fitness Centre/Sports Complex/Infrastructure.
  • Library membership
  • Counselling services through In-house counselling centre ‘Praditi’.
  • Recommendation and Reference Support:
  • Permanent access to email address – information updates
  • Support in realizing the dreams of innovation and entrepreneurship by incorporating the alumni as part of its Innovation and Incubation Centre.
  • Alumni can help shape the future by sharing their life’s invaluable insights, new inputs and ideas imbibed from outside, while nourishing their bond by visits to the campus.
  • Alumni are entitled to a complimentary subscription of college magazines/channels and all virtual content.

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