By Published On: July 15, 2022Categories: Commerce - Activities

The Department of Commerce at Naipunnya Institute of Management and Information Technology hosted its first Faculty Exchange Programme for the Academic year 2022-23, in collaboration with Sahrdaya College of Advanced Studies, Kodakara. It was coordinated by the Head of the Department, Dr Mathew Jose along with the Faculty Coordinator Ms. Bindu Muraleedharan.
The programme was conducted on, 15+th and 16th of July 2022 during the second hour ( for two days of two hours each. It was conducted off line and the batches was V Sem BCom F- A and BCom – Computer Application.. The course was Income tax Law and Accounts (Business Income).
After the programme an oral feedback was collected by the class teachers from the students of our institution who attended the sessions and they have had a real enriching experience. The faculty who was also the part of the FEP also commented on having a very good exposure in their teaching experience

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