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“Practicing yoga daily, facilitates improvement in mental, social, and physical wellbeing, minimizing self-destructive behaviors and reducing stress among people”

The Department Physical Education is planning to start a yoga training session and intended to be an ongoing programme that will benefit each and every student in the Naipunnya Campus. Also interested in putting the name “YOKE” which is sure to suit this programme very well. It means unity and integration. It is planned to start this yoga training programme with the idea of “yoga for all”. This programme is to be conducted on a class-wise rotation basis, so that every student can benefit from yoga practice. It is planned to organize the yoga training in the evening session from 3.00 pm to 3.30 pm. All the students who have to participate in this training session will be notified in advance to the respective class teachers. Teachers can also participate in this training session, along with the students. The objective of this programme is the emotional development of the students.

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