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The second-year students of B.Sc. Hotel Management, CS-B Batch, showcased their culinary prowess and entrepreneurial spirit in the much-anticipated event, “Savor the Flavour.” Held at the ATR Restaurant in the HM Block, this barbeque exhibition and sale proved to be a delightful feast for the senses on November 29, 2023.The exhibition featured an array of barbecue delights, ranging from succulent meats to grilled vegetables and innovative skewer combinations. Each stall was a testament to the students’ dedication to the art of barbecue, with carefully curated menus and unique flavor profiles. Students had the opportunity to savor a variety of dishes, each prepared with precision and love for the craft.The event not only showcased the students’ culinary talents but also demonstrated their potential as future leaders in the hospitality industry. “Savor the Flavour” was not just an exhibition and sale; it was a celebration of passion, teamwork, and the delightful art of barbecue.

Date: November 29, 2023
Venue: ATR Restaurant, HM Block

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