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We the Computer Science Department of Naipunnya College Pongam has planned to conduct an international Conference on 9th November. The students from our college as well as from other colleges will be participating and presenting their papers. Moreover, scholars and faculties are meant to present their papers or participate in this auspicious event, and the highlight is that, as it is an International Conference, many papers will be presented internationally online. This event is scheduled as a one-day program. All the papers which are presented will be given to the ISBN proceedings of Naipunnya College. The resource person of the event is

Dr. M Sudeep Elayidom, the HOD of the Computer Science department, School of Engineering, CUSAT. Paper presentations are chaired by Dr. Sarika S, Associate Professor of the Computer Science Department of Naipunnya College and Dr. Soni P M, Assistant Professor of Computer Science department of Naipunnya College. This event has been focused on showcasing the talents and innovative ideas of scholars, faculties, and students. This great event will be a stage to enhance all the participants’ capability to share and acquire updated knowledge. It also enables us to get the most updated concepts which are erupting now and then. This conference can help each individual to take one step above the growth of their career which can be a turning point in their life. The students who are our future will be brainstormed and they will be eager and enthusiastic to go beyond the expectation, they will also come to know about the emerging trends which can lead them to get into research. The event can also turn up to be a place of information and knowledge exchange. So this environment will be a platform for all the participants and the presenters to gain a well-processed and quality mastery of many established topics, in addition, it will be a path for the new upcoming intellectuals to sow the seeds of paper presentations.

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