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We are delighted to extend this special invitation to you for the inauguration of our new project”Elders Haven- Pakalveedu,” our community project dedicated to providing care and support to senior citizens. The event is scheduled to take place on August 10th,Thursday at 11.00 am in Parakootam Vayanasala. A group of 10 students, each representing various departments, will join for the inauguration, and on this special occasion, we will extend our care to the community by distributing Karkidaka Kanji kits to 100 senior citizens.

Elders Haven aims to make a positive impact on the lives of our elderly community members by offering day-care services, counselling services, yoga classes, awareness classes, library services, engaging activities, and fostering a sense of belonging. We are proud to announce that our college has selected Ward 3 Parakootam and Ward 13 Vazhachal of Koratty Panchayat for this noble cause. This initiative will be carried out as part of our outreach program for the year 2023-24.

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