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Sl .No. Title of Paper Name of author/s Title of proceedi ngs/ conferen ce Natio nal/I ntern ation al Year of publi catio n ISBN/ISSN Number Affiliat ing institut e Name of publisher Hyperlink
1 Keralathinte Bhakshana Parambaryam-Ettangadi Nivedyathey Munnirthiyulla Padanam Ms.Rajitha K Ravi CHENG AZHI UGC care list volume 1,Issue- 5.Jan- June. 2021 ISSN: 2581-9585 CHENG AZHI Published in India by Department of Malayalam, Payyanur Centre. Sree Shankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady http://mbanimit.ac.in/NAAC1/Uploads/2 0221121060031_CHENGAZHI.pdf
2 A Disquisition on the National Cultural dimensions and Cross- Cultural impediments in international Business  Mr.Aby John Shodha UGC care list Januar y – 2022 ISSN No.’2249- 0396 Shodha http://mbanimit.ac.in/naac1/Uploads/202 21202055706_A%20DISQUISITION%2


3 Cross Cultural Etiquette in Global Business:A Study focusing on Business Mangemnet and Corporate Expansion Mr.Aby John Journal of education : Rabindra Bharati University UGC care list Vol. : XXIII, No. :8,2021 ISSN: 0972- 7175 Journal of educatio n : Rabindra Bharati Universit y London Tarakeswar http://mbanimit.ac.in/naac1/Uploads/202 21121063344_CROSS%20CULTURAL



4 The DystopianFuture:An Anthropocene Reading of EMMI Itaranta’s Memory of Water Ms.Elza Maria Baby Shodbsamh itha-Journal of Fundament al and UGC care list Vol” II. SPl.Iss ue’01’ Dec’20 21 ISSN:2277- 7067 Shodbsa mhitha- Journal of Fundame ntal and Journal of Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek http://mbanimit.ac.in/NAAC1/Uploads/2 0221121055552_THE%20DYSTOPIAN



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