By Published On: July 6, 2023Categories: NIMIT News, Physical Education – Acheivements

Congratulations to Meetha Mamman, a talented 3rd-year BBA student, on her selection for the Kerala Senior Tug of War team! Meetha’s dedication and hard work have paid off, as she prepares to represent her state at the National Senior Tug of War Championship in Eroad, Tamil Nadu.

Being chosen for the state team is a testament to Meetha’s exceptional skills in the sport. Tug of War requires strength, teamwork, and strategy, and Meetha’s selection reflects her prowess in these areas.

Competing at the National Senior Tug of War Championship will provide Meetha with an incredible opportunity to showcase her talent on a national stage. It is a chance for her to test her skills against top athletes from around the country and gain valuable experience.

We congratulate Meetha Mamman once again and wish her the very best for the championship. May she bring glory to her team and make her state proud with her performance.

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