II Year PTWA Meeting on 15th Sept (3rd Sem) III Year PTWA Meeting on 22nd Sept (5th Sem )

VISMAYA 2017 0n 30 & 31st October

Hotel Management Fest, Phoenix on 19th & 20th Sept, 2017

5th Sem Model Exam, HM Dept, on 13, 16 & 17 October. Study Holidays for University exams on 18,19,20,21 October 2017

University Practical exams HM Dept, 2nd and 4th Sem on 9,10,11 October 2017

SPALSH Inauguration of Clubs on 12th October, 2017

CASADORZ Intra College Management Competition on 13th October

Study holidays for II Sem BSc, BCA, BA for University exams from 20th - 25th September 2017

3rd Sem MSc, MCom Internals on 13th, 14th and 15th September, 2017

Ist Semester Internal exams for Commerce/CS/Eng. Depts from 18th - 20th September 2017. HM Dept on 18th, 25th and 26th

Onam holidays from September 1st to 10th.